Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Officer

Make requests in writing to the following FOI Officer

Barb Thompson, Superintendent  

 801 S. 5th Street, P.O. Box 700

Fisher, Illinois  61843 

Office Phone #: 217- 897- 6125 


Records Available for Inspection

1.  Board governance: Includes:  Board meeting calendar & notes, Board meeting agendas & minutes, Board Policy

2.  Fiscal and business management: Includes:  levy resolution & certificate of tax levy, audit, line-item budget, grant documents, account statements, accounts payable list, contracts, legal notices, bidding specification, request for proposals

3.  Personnel: Includes:  employee contact information, salary schedules, staff handbook, collective bargaining agreements, personnel file material

4.  Students and instruction: Includes accountability documents, calendars, students handbooks, learning outcomes, student school records